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We have successfully serviced more than twenty-four million feet of idled, abandoned lines for pipeline companies over the past four decades, at no cost to the pipeline companies. We are insured, financially responsible and certified in handling whatever environmentally sensitive material might be encountered. Our reputation is built on exercising care and skill in dealing with landowners, lease holders, and environmental officials. As a Senior Right of Way Agent, we are familiar with rules of conduct and ethics of right of way behavior by any and all parties working on an easement dedicated to an oil, gas, or product pipeline.

pipeline expert witness

Expert Witness Services For The Pipeline Industry

For the last twenty five years, I have been involved in the pipeline industry in North America and I have had experience in every oil producing state in the U.S. During this time I have bought and sold crude, gas, and product pipelines for my account and as an agent for others. In this capacity, I have dealt with almost every major pipeline operator in the country.

An expert witness is defined as one “having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”, “one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject”. I understand a given court will actually make that determination.

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Pipeline Removal Services

Due to the refineries and oil, gas exports as well as many local oil and gas discoveries historically, there are many abandoned pipelines in the Houston area. Further, Houston never stops growing and housing developments are constantly appearing. These developers often find these abandoned lines whether they are charted on title documents or not and their regular contractors are at a loss to contend with them and dispose of them. There are issues such as

  1. no information about the pipe
  2. the question of possible pressure in the line
  3. the question of gas, oil or other product presence or residue remaining in the line
  4. probability of asbestos in the coating of the pipe and the inherent dangers of dealing with that factor.

These are all areas of specialization with Pipeline Equities. We have the expertise, certifications and experience to deal with all of these issues and do with various contractors and developers in the area.

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Asbestos Removal on Pipe and Pipelines

We remove pipelines, load out trucks and transport the coated pipe to a certified asbestos cleaning service. In other cases, we’ll clean the pipe on location using certified and trained personnel and supervisors for the task.

Pipeline Equities keeps certified contractor/supervisors on any job where asbestos is or might be an issue. In addition, tests are always made of pipeline coating to determine if asbestos or any other potentially hazardous material might be present.

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pipeline recovery

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Pipeline Recovery Manual

A complete guide to the business of recovering out of use pipelines

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You will see how we deal with landowners regarding notification and recordings. How to draft a contract of sale with models by: Exxon, Texaco, Koch and others and pictures showing actual work in process.

The manual shows Pipeline Equities job references, right of way releases, agreements and the history and background of Pipeline Equities and managing partner David Howell. These references touch on parts of the six million feet of line removed or handled by the company over the past twenty years.

A line pipe table describing various weights, grades, and pressure ratings of ERW and seamless line pipe is included. This section is an indispensable tool for anyone doing operational word with line pipe.

Also included are extensive glossaries of pipe, pipeline, and right of way terms.

pipeline appraisal

Request a complimentary Pipeline Appraisal Handbook

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Pipeline Appraisal Handbook

The Definitive How-To Guide on Establishing Values for Pipelines

This handbook written by David Howell, managing partner of Pipeline Equities is the basic text of any pipeline valuation. All of the essential factors for establishing the value of a pipeline are discussed along with exclusive proprietary formulas and tables essential to a certified appraisal.

Also included are 32 pages of pipe weight and grades tables that cover virtually any situation which might be encountered regarding line pipe requirements. Additionally you’ll find an extensive glossary of pipe, pipeline and right of way terminology is part of the Handbook.

Subjects include: Replacement, Right of Way, Surface Inventory, Throughput, Salvage/Recovery, and comparable sales histories to name a few of the basic factors of pipeline appraisal.

The author recognized a need for a report or “how to” manual for properly appraising pipelines and pipeline right of ways. Currently the work is being done by accounting firms, engineers, and real estate appraisers.

This handbook draws from 45 years of experience.

Howell has forty-five years experience in many sectors of the petroleum industry from drilling contractor and oil and gas operator to pipe and supply distribution throughout the world. He has published Tradex Equipment magazine, the Whole World Oil Directory, and the Texas Oil Register.

For the past twenty years, Howell has been almost exclusively engaged in pipeline sales and acquisition, appraisal, removal for salvage, environmental remediation and general pipeline operations.

Howell currently serves on board of the Pipeline Appraisal Institute and is a member of the International Right of Way Association. Howell is a graduate of Texas A&M University – Kingsville and a native of Alice, Texas. He is currently residing in Houston and is the managing partner of Pipeline Equities.