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Repurposing: Breathing a Second Life into Pipelines

Pipeline repurposing has been finding itself at the forefront of a sustainability revolution. As the world grapples with the need for eco-friendly solutions and repurposing existing infrastructure, pipelines are emerging as unexpected heroes in the pursuit of a greener future. Pipeline Equities are experts in repurposing pipelines and giving them a second life – making both buyer and seller happy.

The role of pipelines is undergoing an exciting transformation from fossil fuel transporting to renewable energy with sustainable practices. One of the most promising avenues for repurposing pipelines is their conversion to transport renewable energy resources. With the increasing demand for clean energy, repurposing pipelines to carry hydrogen or other renewable gases is gaining traction. This process requires modifications to the pipeline infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with new materials and safety standards.

The adaptability of pipelines for transporting various gases positions them as valuable assets in the transition to a low-carbon economy. The existing network of pipelines, originally designed for fossil fuels, provides a cost-effective and efficient means of transporting renewable gases from production sites to end-users.

Repurposing pipelines extends beyond energy transport. These structures can be transformed into green corridors, supporting biodiversity and ecological connectivity. By integrating green spaces, such as bike paths, pedestrian walkways, and even wildlife habitats, pipelines can become vital components of sustainable urban planning.

The repurposing of pipelines as green corridors not only enhances environmental conservation but also fosters a sense of community. Transforming these industrial structures into public spaces contributes to the creation of recreational areas, promoting health and well-being.

Another innovative repurposing approach involves converting pipelines into infrastructure for carbon capture and storage. Repurposed pipelines can play a pivotal role in transporting captured carbon to storage facilities, contributing to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While repurposing pipelines offers exciting possibilities, it is not without its challenges. The modification process requires careful consideration of safety regulations, material compatibility, and environmental impact assessments.  We can help you navigate and assess these challenges.

The repurposing of pipelines represents a paradigm shift in how we view and utilize existing infrastructure. As the world strives for sustainability, repurposing pipelines for renewable energy, green corridors, and carbon capture showcases the adaptability and resilience of these structures. With careful planning, collaboration, and innovative solutions, pipelines can find a second life, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

pipeline recovery

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Pipeline Recovery Manual

A complete guide to the business of recovering out of use pipelines

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You will see how we deal with landowners regarding notification and recordings. How to draft a contract of sale with models by: Exxon, Texaco, Koch and others and pictures showing actual work in process.

The manual shows Pipeline Equities job references, right of way releases, agreements and the history and background of Pipeline Equities and managing partner David Howell. These references touch on parts of the six million feet of line removed or handled by the company over the past twenty years.

A line pipe table describing various weights, grades, and pressure ratings of ERW and seamless line pipe is included. This section is an indispensable tool for anyone doing operational word with line pipe.

Also included are extensive glossaries of pipe, pipeline, and right of way terms.

pipeline appraisal

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Pipeline Appraisal Handbook

The Definitive How-To Guide on Establishing Values for Pipelines

This handbook written by David Howell, managing partner of Pipeline Equities is the basic text of any pipeline valuation. All of the essential factors for establishing the value of a pipeline are discussed along with exclusive proprietary formulas and tables essential to a certified appraisal.

Also included are 32 pages of pipe weight and grades tables that cover virtually any situation which might be encountered regarding line pipe requirements. Additionally you’ll find an extensive glossary of pipe, pipeline and right of way terminology is part of the Handbook.

Subjects include: Replacement, Right of Way, Surface Inventory, Throughput, Salvage/Recovery, and comparable sales histories to name a few of the basic factors of pipeline appraisal.

The author recognized a need for a report or “how to” manual for properly appraising pipelines and pipeline right of ways. Currently the work is being done by accounting firms, engineers, and real estate appraisers.

This handbook draws from 45 years of experience.

Howell has forty-five years experience in many sectors of the petroleum industry from drilling contractor and oil and gas operator to pipe and supply distribution throughout the world. He has published Tradex Equipment magazine, the Whole World Oil Directory, and the Texas Oil Register.

For the past twenty years, Howell has been almost exclusively engaged in pipeline sales and acquisition, appraisal, removal for salvage, environmental remediation and general pipeline operations.

Howell currently serves on board of the Pipeline Appraisal Institute and is a member of the International Right of Way Association. Howell is a graduate of Texas A&M University – Kingsville and a native of Alice, Texas. He is currently residing in Houston and is the managing partner of Pipeline Equities.