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Land Rights and Responsibilities: A Landowner’s Guide to Pipeline Easements

Are you trying to navigate the legalities of a potential pipeline easement on your land? Since you are granting a pipeline company to use a portion of your land for their pipeline, you must fully understand the terms of any easement agreement and consult with legal counsel before signing. This includes the length of the […]

Breaking Down Barriers: Resolving Easement Disputes in Indian Tribal Lands

Easement issues related to Indian tribes in the United States often involve legal and jurisdictional complexities, as tribal lands are subject to unique legalities. First, there are jurisdictional concerns. We have to determine which entity has jurisdiction over the easement and this can be complicated. Tribal lands are considered sovereign nations, and issues may arise […]

How to Choose the Right Line Pipes for Different Applications

Choosing the right line pipes will ensure efficiency, durability, and safety whether it is being used in oil and gas, water distribution, or construction. The selection process should involve considering material, size, pressure rating, and environmental conditions.  We use steel pipes for high-pressure applications due to their strength and durability, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) pipes are […]

Understanding Different Coating Options for Line Pipes and Their Benefits

Line pipes are coated to protect them from corrosion, abrasion, and environmental factors.  It extends their lifespan and maintains operational efficiency. If you are looking to purchase coated line pipe, contact us today! Line Pipe Coating Options: Coatings act as a barrier against corrosion, preventing pipe surface damage and ensuring a longer lifespan.  Coatings like […]

The Art and Science of Pipeline Valuation: Methods and Considerations

Pipeline appraisal is a complex process that requires a delicate balance of art and science to determine the true value of these critical assets. Various methods are employed by experts to appraise pipelines, each offering unique insights into their financial worth. To navigate pipeline valuation, we need to delve into the art and science of […]

Repurposing: Breathing a Second Life into Pipelines

Pipeline repurposing has been finding itself at the forefront of a sustainability revolution. As the world grapples with the need for eco-friendly solutions and repurposing existing infrastructure, pipelines are emerging as unexpected heroes in the pursuit of a greener future. Pipeline Equities are experts in repurposing pipelines and giving them a second life – making […]

What Goes Into Sourcing Used Line Pipe?

Sourcing used line pipe for oil and gas pipelines can be a cost-effective and sustainable way to meet your project’s needs. Here are the key steps and considerations that go into sourcing used line pipe: First we determine the specifications of the line pipe you need, including size, grade, wall thickness, length, and coating type. […]

Is My Salvaged Pipeline An Asset Or Liability?

Whether your excavated and salvaged pipe is considered an asset or liability depends on the specific circumstances and accounting principles applied. Here are some factors we take into consider when making this determination: The primary purpose of the excavation plays a significant role in classification. Obviously, when one of our pipeline excavations is conducted with […]

Tips For Buying A Property With Pipeline Easements

A pipeline easement agreement provides a company with the authority to utilize a stretch of land to build, uphold, and manage pipelines. Purchasing a property that includes a pipeline easement entails specific legal and practical considerations. Legal counsel can assist you in making a well-informed decision about the pipeline easement on your property – safeguarding […]

Salvaging Pipelines: Techniques and Strategies for Effective Restoration

The first step in salvaging pipelines involves a comprehensive assessment and inspection process. Advanced inspection technologies, such as inline inspection tools (often referred to as “smart pigs”), drones, and remote sensing techniques, are utilized to gather accurate data about the condition of the pipeline. This data includes measurements of corrosion, cracks, and deformations, which help […]

pipeline recovery

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Pipeline Recovery Manual

A complete guide to the business of recovering out of use pipelines

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You will see how we deal with landowners regarding notification and recordings. How to draft a contract of sale with models by: Exxon, Texaco, Koch and others and pictures showing actual work in process.

The manual shows Pipeline Equities job references, right of way releases, agreements and the history and background of Pipeline Equities and managing partner David Howell. These references touch on parts of the six million feet of line removed or handled by the company over the past twenty years.

A line pipe table describing various weights, grades, and pressure ratings of ERW and seamless line pipe is included. This section is an indispensable tool for anyone doing operational word with line pipe.

Also included are extensive glossaries of pipe, pipeline, and right of way terms.

pipeline appraisal

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Pipeline Appraisal Handbook

The Definitive How-To Guide on Establishing Values for Pipelines

This handbook written by David Howell, managing partner of Pipeline Equities is the basic text of any pipeline valuation. All of the essential factors for establishing the value of a pipeline are discussed along with exclusive proprietary formulas and tables essential to a certified appraisal.

Also included are 32 pages of pipe weight and grades tables that cover virtually any situation which might be encountered regarding line pipe requirements. Additionally you’ll find an extensive glossary of pipe, pipeline and right of way terminology is part of the Handbook.

Subjects include: Replacement, Right of Way, Surface Inventory, Throughput, Salvage/Recovery, and comparable sales histories to name a few of the basic factors of pipeline appraisal.

The author recognized a need for a report or “how to” manual for properly appraising pipelines and pipeline right of ways. Currently the work is being done by accounting firms, engineers, and real estate appraisers.

This handbook draws from 45 years of experience.

Howell has forty-five years experience in many sectors of the petroleum industry from drilling contractor and oil and gas operator to pipe and supply distribution throughout the world. He has published Tradex Equipment magazine, the Whole World Oil Directory, and the Texas Oil Register.

For the past twenty years, Howell has been almost exclusively engaged in pipeline sales and acquisition, appraisal, removal for salvage, environmental remediation and general pipeline operations.

Howell currently serves on board of the Pipeline Appraisal Institute and is a member of the International Right of Way Association. Howell is a graduate of Texas A&M University – Kingsville and a native of Alice, Texas. He is currently residing in Houston and is the managing partner of Pipeline Equities.