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Overview of Pipeline Equities Background

Pipeline Equities has been engaged in pipeline mergers and acquisitions since 1987. During this time, the company has also been the major factor in pipeline take up or removal for salvage or environmental remediation purposes.

The company is a partnership with David Howell as managing partner.

Clients over this period of time have included Chevron, Exxon, Koch, Arco, Amoco, TXU, Pickens Pipeline, United Gas, Transpetco, Gulfmark, FINA, and others.

The company entered the appraisal business in the late eighties and has been the leader in the pipeline appraisal sector of the industry. While many companies use accounting and engineering firms to do appraisal work, Pipeline Equities' appraisal division is the only company totally dedicated to this line of work with specialists and resources to valuate a property completely.

Prior to changing the name to Pipeline Equities in the late 80's, Howell and associates operated as Tradex Petroleum Services. Tradex bought and sold pipe, drilling and production equipment throughout the world. The company built to order or unitized 27 complete drilling and workover units for companies in Israel , Iran , Venezuela , Brazil and France and throughout the U.S.

Tradex operated pipeline systems, including trunk lines as well as gathering systems in the late 70's and early 80's for the company account.

As a drilling contractor, Howell was exposed to down hole operations, and later as CEO of Southwest Supply in Houston , he gained valuable experience in other sectors of the industry. Southwest Supply had eleven locations in Texas and Louisiana . With Southwest, Howell became knowledgeable in the areas of supply and distribution to production, pipeline, refining, and well service contractors.

Howell is a graduate of Texas A&M, Kingsville , and is a native of Alice , Texas.

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