Pipeline Salvage & Recovery Services

Our pipeline salvage services include the excavation and removal of the abandoned pipeline. We employ the following procedure for the salvaging of pipelines:

1. Purchase of pipeline and conveyance of right of way, recording of conveyance so that property is in the name of Pipeline Equities and legally recorded in the jurisdiction of the pipeline and easement. All liability is assured by Pipeline Equities as recorded owner of property.

2. Notification of landowners by letter, phone and personal contact of intent to enter right of way on their property. This process is handled by Pipeline Equities personnel with many years experience dealing with leaseholders and landowners. Great care is given in this key process as these are the gatekeepers and must be dealt with effectively.

3. Excavation, restoration of right of way, removal of pipe and residue or non-removal.* Removal starts with our spread never more than 1 mile long. (From beginning trackhoe at the front to right of way restoration bulldozer at the end.) In between, we cut and load pipe and remove from the right of way.

pipeline salvage and recovery

20 inch pipe after backfill, ready to cut and load

4. Recording of right-of-way easements back to landowners. This is generally a trade out with landowners for the privilege of entering right of way. We record right of way back to original owner, therefore clearing title and restoring whatever right of way was conveyed to Pipeline Equities. This action is generally very pleasing to landowners and has created much good will.

* Non-removal: cap and abandon in place at road crossings, encroachments, ponds, lakes, rivers and crops and according to Railroad Commission guidelines.

Pipeline Recovery Manual

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