David Howell's Background

Work Experience

1987-2010 Pipeline Equities, Houston, Texas

Bought, sold, evaluated and appraised operating crude, natural gas and product pipelines for company account. Acted as agent for Exxon, Occidental, Texaco, Arco and Koch and others. Engaged in the purchase and deconstruction [removal] of 12 million feet of pipelines and associated gas plants, refineries, and crude oil terminals. Responsible for overall projects including procurement, inspection, evaluation, hiring of supervisory personnel, environmental issues (including asbestos issues and ACM), compliance, landowner relations, and right-of-way issues as well as marketing in U. S. and exporting to China and India and other markets. Developed pipeline appraisal business encompassing throughput, pipe values, salvage, and the 'forty factors" concept for valuating pipelines including easements.

1983-1987 Tradex Tubulars, Houston, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska

Purchased surplus and used oilfield tubulars on North Slope and Kenai, Alaska. Refurbished and sold in the United States and Canada and other markets. Responsible for purchasing, plugging and abandoning depleted oil and gas wells for salvage in Texas and Louisiana for company account. Responsible for marketing resulting pipe and equipment.

1972-1983 Tradex Petroleum Services, Houston , Texas

Bought, sold, fabricated, unitized, and exported oilfield drilling and production equipment to contractors in U. S., South America, Central America, and Persian Gulf [ Iran ]. Packaged mud pumps and other components as well as complete drilling rig packages to customer specifications with combined new, used, and rebuilt equipment. Initiated and maintained extensive electronic database of worldwide petroleum industry.

1977 - 1979 Southwest Supply, Houston, Texas

Served as President and CEO of general-purpose oilfield pipe and supply with nine stores throughout South Texas and Louisiana.

1973 - 1983 Tradex Publications, Houston , Texas

Published Tradex, a journal of used oilfield equipment, which was distributed throughout the world (15,000 copies.) Also published 30 titles of oilfield directories and technical manuals including Whole World Oil Directory, Alaska Petroleum and Industrial Directory, Texas Drilling Permits, Texas Petrodata Report and Southwest Petrodata Report via electronic publishing related database marketing.

1970 - 1973 Americana Petrochem, Houston, Texas

Construction and operation involving offshore production platforms. Working from base platforms and new construction for additional new adjacent platforms involving crude and natural gas hook ups for new oil and gas production. Additional research and development of oil spill dispersants and biodegradable chemicals for use on offshore drilling rigs and drill ships. Developed brands of "Deep Six Degreaser", "Rig Wash" and "Supergard" as biodegradable chemicals suitable and safe for offshore use.

1968 - 1970 Western Company of North America

City Sales and Technical Field Representative; downhole services.
Responsibilities including extensive laboratory work testing new cementing techniques and formulas for ultra deep heat and pressure sensitive applications for offshore and onshore oil and gas wells.

1964 - 1972 S.H. Howell Drilling Company, Alice, Texas

Partner in exploration, drilling, production, and work over in South Texas for company account.


  • Texas A&M University - Kingsville
    B.A. Political Science (International Relations)

  • University of Texas Petroleum Technology School
    Pipeline Technology Certificate; Program majoring in petroleum technology, technical aspects of hydraulics and pipeline construction, coatings, transportation and distribution.

  • University of Texas Petex: Various certificate programs in oil and gas appraisal, oil and gas well log analysis, petroleum accounting methods, oil and gas well completion methods, well servicing procedures, natural gas processing, and oil and gas production

  • Senior Right of Way Agent Designation, International Right of Way Association
    Completed twelve required courses in various right of way disciplines leading to SRWA (Senior Right of Way Agent) designation. Negotiation/Acquisition certification; International Right of Way Association; Environmental Certification, International Right of Way Association. Appraisal Certification, International Right of Way Association. Certification: Pipeline Appraisal Institute.

  • Member: International Right of Way Association, Houston Pipeliners Association, Pipeline Appraisal Institute.

  • Academic programs in language, culture and foreign trade at:
    Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, D.F.
    University of the Americas, Mexico D. F.
    Inter-American University, Saltillo, Mexico
    Cultura Lenguas (CLIC), Seville, Spain
    Intensa (Language), San Jose, Costa Rica
    Academia de Espanol, Quito, Ecuador

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