Pipeline Removal Services

Out of use, idled, and abandoned pipeline cost pipeline companies and estimated 1.1 billion dollars annually. Much of these costs go to routine matinenance and taxes, but even more comes in the form of relcation for expanding highways, subdivisions, and removal.

Pipeline Equities has successfully removed more than six million feet of idled, abandoned lines for pipeline companies over the past 21 years, at no cost to the pipeline companies.

Pipeline removal is the same as pipeline salvage & recovery. There are several articles on this website pertaining our methods for effective pipeline recovery or removal inlcuding project overviews, dealing with landowners, model contracts for returning right of way to current property owners, and even legalities and procedures with dealing with pipeline companies regarding abandoned or so called idled pipelines.

You can download our free complete operations manual for salvaging a pipeline with valuable information including how to check the pipe for weight and diameter.

Pipeline Recovery Manual

Request the Pipeline Appraisal Book

Pipeline Appraisal Book


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