Custom Pipeline Recovery & Rehabilitation Services

Most contractors think that you lay pipeline very carefully, but you "rip it up" when its time to salvage. The result is that the owner or of the pipe gets junk. Therefore operators who take up pipelines are known as salvage operators. Wrong. There is an art to taking up pipelines so that the product can be recycled and used for other purposes. When care and expertise is not used, the take up contractor becomes a junk producer and the pipeline company becomes a junk owner.

Pipeline Equities started recovering pipelines some twenty-five years ago. Since that time we have successfully recovered more than nine million feet of pipeline throughout the United States. But recovery is only part of the process. Rehabilitation is the other part. Pipelines, after excavation, need to be cleaned, straightened, de dented, and beveled to be ready to put back in use as pipeline, culvert, flagpoles, piling, surface casing, mouse hole connection pipe, cattle guards, corrals, road casing and road boring.

Save Money with On Site Rehabilitation

Pipeline Equities has the capability to do all of these rehabilitation functions on site. With our mobile units, the customer saves huge amounts of money in transportation costs. It is not economical to truck used pipe from excavation sites to a cleaning yard to a straightening yard and on to a final use destination.

Consider turning the liability of a dormant pipeline into an asset that is green and profitable. Pipeline Equities will recover a pipeline for your use or we can market the product for you. In addition, we can buy your idled or abandoned pipeline in place.

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