Pipeline Appraisal Services

Pipeline Equities valuates pipeline properties and uses a series of factors to assign value including the use of consultants, third party research, personal observations and experience, interviews and comparisons with other pipeline asset sales and our database archives.

We have more than two decades of experience in appraisals & participated in valuation assignments on both domestic and foreign operations.

In this capacity, we have been responsible for transactions involving some 300 plus valuations & appraisals. Some of the specific products include drilling rigs and drilling equipment (mu pumps, draw works) well serving units, water welling drilling rigs, downhole casing and tubing, drill pipe, seismic tools, production equipment, compressor systems, oil storage terminals and related assessment to pipeline storage assets.

In addition to the determination of market value for ad valorem tax, allocation of purchase cost, acquisitions, divestitures, and financing transactions, we have been active in environmental assessments particularly in regard to gas plants and crude storage facilities.

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