Holland & Hart LLP (Greenwood Village, C0)


Holland & Hart LLP (Greenwood Village, C0)

Rachel Yates, attorney. Prepared report regarding asbestos problems with pre 1980 vintage line pipe and specifically crude pipelines in Colorado. Hired as consultant and expert witness for related litigation.

Phillips 66 (Bartlesville, OK)

Mark Malinowski, Principal contact of Real Estate and Right of Way Claims Department. Developed valuation report of forty-mile 10 inch crude line in Southeast Kansas in preparation for sale or disposition.

Pillsbury, Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP (Los Angeles, CA)

Jennie La Prade, Partner. Developed appraisal report for products pipeline in congested area of Los Angeles County. Acted as consultant and expert witness.

South East Gas Transmission, LLC (Jackson, MS)

Cindi Bush, President. Performed valuation report for eleven mile natural gas pipeline to be built in Adams County, Mississippi.

Oxy, Inc.

Appraisal report prepared for Jerry D. Harris, Manager of Worldwide Real Estate for Oxy, Inc. Report assesses value of 32 mile product pipeline (ethylene) running from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Orange, Texas. May, 2011.

DuPont Chemical

Appraisal report prepared for James D. Politakis, Domestic Marine Manager, DuPont Logisttics. Report assesses value of 72 mile product (ethylene) pipeline from Mont Belvieu, Texas to Beaumont, Texas to Orange, Texas. June 2011.

Air Liquide America Corporation

Appraisal report prepared for Justin Brantley of Integrity Pipeline Services on behalf of Air Liquide. Report assesses value of a dual fifty mile product pipeline loop system of nitrogen and oxygen known as the Freeport system and the Orange system. December 2012.

Renewable Resources Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, Ca.)

Appraisal report prepared for Charles M. Stringer of RRG to assess the value of the Madera Irrigation District Water Enhancement Project Infrastructure. This was essentially a salvage type assessment projected fifteen years into the future. July 2011.

Crimson California Pipeline, l.P. and Cardinal Pipeline, LP

Appraisal report prepared for Larry Alexander, President of Crimson Pipeline LP to assess value of a 13 mile idle pipeline in Los Angeles, California area. March 2011.

McQuireWoods LLP Law

Appraisal report prepared for Ronald Cook of McQuireWoods for client Mr. Brian Smith to determine value of 12' gas pipeline on his ranch property in Colorado County, Texas. May 2011.

May Ranch

Appraisal and salvage value report regarding 117 mile gas gathering system in Jim Wells and Nueces Counties for Mr. Leonard May, Corpus Christi, Texas, Texas Mach 2013. Work done for Leonard May, owner, and law firm of Sico, White, Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh L.L.P. and Anderson, Lehrman, Barre, and Maraist, LLP, both of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Phillips 66

Assessed value of forty-mile idle 10" pipellne in Southern Kansas for Mark Malinowski (Property Tax, Real Estate, Right of Way and Claims) April 2013.

Steven J. Schulke, Manager
North Texas Region, Land & ROW
Targa Resources, Inc
P. O. Box 1210
Decatur, Texas 76234

Purchase for removal 24 miles of 6" and 8" gas line in semi congested areas (Oklahoma).

Gregory Christmann, Sr. Vice President
109 North Post Oak Lane, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77024

Appraised proposed jet fuel pipeline required for loan approval for client in New Mexico.

Hector Diaz, President
Albuquerque Pipeline Company
5312 Elm Street Houston, Texas 77981
phone. 713-825-0552

Appraised six mile jet fuel line in Albuquerque, New Mexico for client to satisfy loan requirements for bank.

Mike Dubuisson, Partner
Junction Pipeline Company
25207 Oakhurst Dr. Spring, Texas 77386
phone. 281-367-9199

Appraised 1475 mile group of oil and gas gathering systems located in Texas and Louisiana to prepare for divestiture.

Junction Pipeline LLP
25207 Oakhurst Dr. Spring, Texas 77386

Purchased for removal 43 miles of 8" pipeline for rehabilitation and resell.

Robert Anderson
Anderson, Lehrman,
Barre and Maraist, LLP

Corpus Christi, Texas

Environmental valuation of active crude gathering system on ranch located in Kleberg, Jim Wells and Nueces Counties, Texas

Joe Prevost
ConocoPhillips Pipeline Co.
(Land and Right of Way)
210- 621-8226

Removed and remediated 21 miles of 12" abandoned crude pipeline in Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties, Texas

Marc Garrison
National Pipeline Reserve MLP
117 East 18th
Owensboro, Kentucky 42303

Purchased and removed 14 miles of 12" natural gas pipeline in two counties near Chikasha, Oklahoma

David B. Favaloro
Vice President- Pipeline Administration
Centurion Pipeline L. P.
5 Greeenway Plaza Suite 110
Houston, Texas 77046-0506

Purchased for removal 8 mile section of 16" crude pipeline ahead of lay crew.

Purchased for removal 121 miles of 8" crude pipeline and 23 miles of 10" crude pipeline on various tracts and ranches in including University of Texas lands in Crane, Upton, Ward, and Winkler Counties, Texas.

Barry Corley
Montgomery Gas Transmission, Inc.
620 Longmire Road
Conroe, Texas 77304

Appraisal of 29,000' of active high pressure gas transmission pipeline in Montgomery County, Texas.

Larry W. Alexander
Crimson Pipeline L. P.
2459 Redondo Avenue
Long Beach California 90806

Pipeline appraisal for 14 mile 6” crude pipeline in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California

Larry W. Alexander
Crimson Pipeline L. P.
2459 Redondo Avenue
Long Beach California 90806

Appraisal of Thums Crude Pipeline, Brea Crude Trunkline, and Taylor Lateral Pipelines in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California.

Mark McAuliffe
City of College Station
1101 Texas Avenue
College Station, Texas 77842

Appraisal of Blackhawk Crude Pipeline segments located in Bryan and College Station, Texas and evaluation of rights of way agreements to determine suitability for conversion to waste water service.

John Denton
Mid South Bank
2101 N. Loop 336 West
Conroe, Texas 77304

Asset appraisal of local gas distribution company serving neighborhoods in West Montgomery, Texas for Mid South Bank.

Mr. Ronald L. Broussard
Vice President of Operations
Gulfmark Energy, Inc.
P.O. Box 844 Houston, TX 77001

Purchased for removal 50 miles of 8" and 4" pipe through subdivision, City of West Columbia, Angleton and Alvin, Texas; U.S. Fish & Wildlife lands.

Ronald E. Cook
McGuireWoods LLP
600 Travis Street Suite 7500
Houston, Texas 77002-2906

Pipeline appraisal for 12’ gas pipeline in Colorado County, Texas.

Roy Conley
Project Engineer
Koch Gateway Pipeline Co.
(formerly United)
Houston, Texas

Purchased and removed 60 miles of 16" gas transmission line and 40 miles of 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" laterals; Refugio , Texas to Edna , Texas farm and ranch land.

Jerry D. Harris
Manager-Worldwide Real Estate
OXY, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
Email: jerry_d_harris@oxy.com

Pipeline appraisal for 32 mile 6” Ethylene pipeline running from Lake Charles, La. to Orange, Texas.

Brian Harvey
Project Engineer
Texaco U.S.A.
Eastern E&P Division
P.O. Box 60252
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160

Purchased and removed 30 miles of 10" and 6" gas transmission line congestion of gathering lines.

Wade Hunt
District Pipeline Superintendent
Coastal Corporation
P.O. Box 307
Damon, Texas 77430

Purchased and removed 40 miles of 8" crude transportation line through subdivisions and congestion; Wharton County , Texas to Houston Almeda station.

J.C. Clark
Project Manager
Exxon Company U.S.A.
P.O. Box 1101
Houston, Texas 77210-4097

Purchased and removed 20 miles of 8" gas transmission line through subdivisions and congestion; near Anahuac, Texas wetlands.

Tommy Watson
Project Manager
Koch Industries, Inc.
Corpus Christi, Texas

Purchased and removed 35 miles of 8" crude line transportation system, Big Heart Pipeline Co.; ranch and citrus; wildlife refuge.

Gulfmark Energy

David E. Walker
Procurement Services
Texas Utilities Fuel Co.
400 N. Olive
Dallas, Texas

Purchased and removed 35 miles of 6" gas gathering system; Dallas area.

Hugh Williams
Coastal States Crude Gathering Co.
Nine Greenway Plaza
Houston, Texas 77046-0995

Purchased and removed 40 miles of 8" crude transportation line; farm and ranch land.

Michael Rivera
Senior Engineer,
Southeast Texas Division
Exxon Co, U.S.A.
16945 Northchase Drive
Houston, Texas 77060

Purchased and removed 40 miles of 8" gas transmission line through subdivisions and wetlands; environmentally sensitive areas.

Jim Simmons
Vice President
Koch Gathering System
Corpus Christi, Texas

Purchased and removed crude line and 100,000 Bbl crude storage tanks, city of Port Isabel, Texas; Bird and wildlife refuge areas - environmentally sensitive.

L.A. Simper
Manager of Land & Right of Way
Dow Pipeline Company
Houston, Texas

Pipeline appraisal for fifty mile 14” products pipeline near Freeport, Texas

Charles Stringer
Renewable Resources Group Inc.
5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 330
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036

Infrastructure appraisal for water enhancement project in north central California

Randy Hillman
Fina Pipeline Co.
Big Spring, Texas

Demolished 20 crude storage tanks and removed 40,000 ft. of associated piping to customer specifications; Port of Corpus Christi, Texas; environmentally sensitive areas.

James D. Politakis
Domestic Marine Manager
DuPont Logistics
140 Cypress Station Drive
Houston, Texas 77090

Pipeline appraisal for 74 mile 8” Ethylene pipeline in Chambers, Jefferson and Orange Counties.

Laurel Fuel Company
Forrest Berry
1867 Crane Ridge, Suite 120A
Jackson , Miss. 39216

Appraisal of 100 mile trunk and gathering system of 8", 6" and 4" with tie-ins in central Mississippi.

BLM Pipeline Inc.
John Kirby Ewing
3701 Kirby Dr., Suite 1060
Houston, Texas 77098

Appraisal of 60 miles of gathering systems in Burleson, Milam, and Lee County, Texas.

Transpetco Transport Co.
Wallace Stanberry
625 Market St., Suite 200
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
Fax 318-221-8835

Appraisal for 125 mile by 12" natural gas pipeline located in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.


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