Asbestos Abatement Services

Pipeline Equities has dealt with abandoned pipelines and have removed more than six million feet of pipeline throughout North America. Many of these lines had asbestos embedded in the coating material of the pipe. The amount of asbestos varied from five to twenty five percent of the coated material.

We are familiar with state and federal rules, regulations and directives regarding the care and handling of asbestos material on pipelines and its removal, transport, extraction and disposal of the material from these pipelines.

We will remove pipelines, load out trucks and transport the coated pipe to a certified asbestos cleaning service. In other cases, we'll clean the pipe on location using certified and trained personnel and supervisors for the task.

Pipeline Equities keeps certified contractor/supervisors on any job where asbestos is or might be an issue. In addition, tests are always made of pipeline coating to determine if asbestos or any other potentially hazardous material might be present.

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