Clean Your Yard Of Asbestos Coated Line Pipe At Little Or No Cost


Asbestos coating on pipelines is not a popular topic with most pipeline companies. In fact, they don't even like to use the "A" word when describing the coating. Asbestos is a proven, effective, and durable means of protecting steel pipe from corrosion and the elements. Asbestos might be five to fifty percent of the felt wrapping around a length of line pipe with some tar type outer wrapping. Overall this might mean there is as much as 25% asbestos in the complete coating. Asbestos as a coating on pipelines was very popular until the Clean Air Act was enacted in 1965. It took a few years, but use of asbestos in new pipeline coatings disappeared before 1980. Today, asbestos continues to protect hundreds of thousands of feet of buried pipeline that were laid between 1920 and 1980.

You no longer have to think landfills when dealing with asbestos in coating of vintage line pipe. You may have yards in various places where you have been accumulating old replacement line pipe and really have not known what to do with it. Landfills are not the answer as the cost can be prohibitive.


Pipeline Equities is equipped to pick up the asbestos contaminated pipe, abate the coating and recycle the pipe at relatively little or no cost to you. The "relatively" in that statement depends on the outside diameter of the pipe, wall thickness, integrity of coating, condition of the pipe and distance to our facilities in Texas. If we can make a deal, you are freed of liability regarding health hazards and spontaneous onsite inspections from EPA and OSHA agents. We take it off your hands in one of two ways. One, we take possession and ownership at the time pipe is loaded on our trucks, or two, you continue ownership until all documentation is returned to you. That documentation includes transportation manifests, arrival and cleaning orders from our licensed and certified facilities, and final manifest from certified and licensed landfills - the final resting place of the ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) residue. Another option is a combination of the first two where we take ownership and give you the final documents showing disposal of the ACM residue in the designated licensed landfill.

We have just started this program after expanding our facilities and are seeking to put people and equipment to work. Our surveys show hundreds of thousands of feet of ACM coated pipe deteriorating in yards all over the U.S. There is a better way! Give me a call today and we can discuss whether this program is viable for you.

Check us out. Visit our website at and read my articles and job references. Notice the article "Asbestos and Old Pipelines" from the January 2010 PIPELINE AND GAS JOURNAL as well as other articles and research.

We have been around for thirty- five years and know the oilfield reasonably well. We have been doing this kind of work with asbestos and ACM for many years. Look at the information sheet enclosed and see if this process meets your needs.

pipeline and gas journal article from issue May 2010

Article released in
November 2014
By David Howell, Senior Right of Way Agent

Osha EPA

We are licensed and certified in all safety and environmental jurisdictions with OSHA & EPA.


"[This article] is very informative and interesting. Infact, I would like our engineers to make use of your article whenever they come across similar problems."
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