Tank Demolition and Clean Up

We never planned to go into tank demolition, but one day a large oil company that we were soliciting finally agreed to sell us the pipeline we were wanting to buy. The condition: we had to take the tanks (a fifty thousand barrel and a two hundred and fifty thousand barrel) located at each end. The smaller tank was relatively clean, but the larger tank had about a foot of sludge. This was 1989. Since then we have learned much about cleaning tanks and tank demolition.

Pipeline Equities now leads the oil industry in environmental recycling.

We perfected safe and efficient methods to recycle storage tanks. Plate is taken down in sections and reused effectively. For example, metal in the tank structure can be rolled into large diameter pipe and other structural products made from quarter inch to half inch plate. Plate which cannot be reused or does not provide an alternative purpose is sold as scrap. Crude is separated from sludge and recycled for use elsewhere.

We're careful to watch for leakage and seepage which may have accumulated under older tanks. We are insured and certified in handling environmentally sensitive materials such as lead paint and use extreme caution during disposal.

Our proven methods benefit the environment as well as the economy.

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