Abandoned Pipelines

A dictionary definition of abandonment means to "give up entirely", but not in pipeline terminology. It is strictly open to interpretation and the interpreters are beginning to heat up and regulators are listening. As more and more urban areas move toward depleted oil and gas producing areas, the questions become more frequent and intense.

One of the easiest decisions for a pipeline company has been disposing of a pipeline that has outlasted its usefulness. The decision usually is to leave it in place or sell it combined with a viable line when the opportunity comes along. The buyer is usually a recently minted MLP or another pipeline company with deeper pockets than a salvage operator. In the near future, the decision regarding abandoned pipelines will be not if, but when and how to remove the pipelines.

Professionals in the environmental and remediation side of the pipeline industry believe the next wave of regulations and requirements for pipeline companies will be to account for all dormant pipelines remaining in place.

Information indicates that the lines that are in effect "abandoned" or show "intent to abandon" should be removed or else proved to have some future usefulness or viability as a pipeline. If a future use is planned, then easements must be maintained, signs posted and taxes paid. If pipeline abandonment is desired, permission must be granted by the landowner on whose properties the lines are to be abandoned.

Pipeline Equities can handle all of your decommissioning needs.

Our environmentally certified and trained personnel have millions of feet of pipeline take up expertise and twenty-five years of tank, terminal, and station dismantlement experience. We are licensed and certified in all safety and environmental jurisdictions of OSHA and EPA.

Pipeline Equities will also purchase or otherwise accept ownership of these properties "as is" and assume title and responsibility according to deed, right of way agreement, or other ownership, statute, or jurisdictional requirements.

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